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Craft Show Guidelines and Applications

THE TWO BUTTONS ABOVE,  Information and Rules and Craft Fair 2023 Applications will bring to you the PDF pages for printing, completing and mailing . Photos can be emailed. The 2023 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD  6/1/2023 -- please note July booth fee is now $195.

Here you will find the information on the craft show dates,set up times, and the two forms to sign up for the events.  You can contact us to request an emailed pdf for printing at or DM via Facebook "A Different Drummer Craft Event" if you need assistance.  

Complete both forms, email 4-5 photos or enclose 4-5 photos and payment to be mailed to A Different Drummer Craft Event,

120 Pine St, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675 

A word on the Jury process regarding what qualifies as a craft

 Sublimation Printing and its purpose

The use of computer generated purchased fonts, free stock images, graphics (including registered logos and trademarks) applied to manufactured/purchased fabric clothing, totes bags, plastic drinkware, key fobs, pins etc. is exactly that --manufactured and assembled -- not a craft. 

Use of the process as art and craft fair definition
An artist who has created the entire image by hand or a photographer who has taken the original photo, it is permitted to reproduce that image in print as a card, prints of various sizes, and other suitable materials. It includes having it available by sublimation process on fabrics for bags or clothing, ceramic drinkware, tiles and other objects because the person actually created the original image.

A graphic designer who uses silkscreening or sublimation printing to print their own designs, this is allowed on fabric, apparel and accessories
A mixed media artist/craftsperson can use sublimation printing if adding decorative artwork to enhance a piece that is handcrafted. Hand painting stencils on basic items changed in shape, finish or color is allowed.

We Do Not Accept Tumblers or Insulated Cups. The towns on the Cape have voted against plastic containers.

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DrummerHarwich 2023 Guidelines_edited.jpg
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